"The Cutting Edge".
I love a 'Small Edge',
It's one I adore,
But there's bigger and better,
The Cafè itself is so much more.

The Staff are superb
So calm and obliging,
Caring about customers,
And patients recovering.

On so many levels
"The Edge" is an ingot,
Overcoming many 'devils',
Helping smooth out any 'knots'.

Timely 'challenges' to occupy
Senses when they wander,
Giving minds a chance
To rebuild and bolster.

Yes this place has it all,
It's one to savour and favour,
An overriding 'safety line',
In this era, in this time.

                                 Ed Jenkins

Got asked the weekend what The Edge is. Kind of took me a while to try and work out what they meant by what it is I said a cafe and recovery hub then they asked again.
That’s when I realised what the question was.
I simply replied a safe place for me to be me, where I’ve been excepted with all my flaws and f**k ups in life, taken in, never judged ( unless I didn’t bring cake).
Said about you and how truly amazing you have been, giving me confidence when my life was in tatters and was at my lowest, gave me trust when everyone else was treating me like a creature ( key codes to the edge, running meetings ect) and for helping me find my tribe.
It’s Mainly you and the connection there and The Edge that’s helped me move on to the stuff I’m doing now like Co-pro and talks in universities and colleges.
Never thought I would do that in my life ever.
I was literally on the edge and The EDGE saved me.
Thank you 🙏

You have really helped me on my recovery journey and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. The family weekend was a massive test for me but I smashed it because of the support of you and The Edge. Love ya. Xxx
I’m so grateful for the hybrid meetings. I need them and I’m sure others do too. Thanks so much to the Edge Cafe for providing such a needed support and service for all. Thanks xx
Great meeting as always. I always come away from meetings so positive and they really lift my spirit. Also seeing other people on the journey to recovery and using my own experiences to see if they can help others in any way really makes life worth it. Thank you 🙏
Felt better today thanks to the support, encouragement and understanding. Thanks team! 👆

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